Contribution report for Jan. 2021

Yuki Okushi

Yuki Okushi / February 13, 2021

2 min read

Commits / PRs

  • commits: 191 commits in 19 repos
    • year-on-year rate: 42% (453 commits in 24 repos)
    • In last year, I made a lot of contributions to Clippy and rust-lang/rust (rustc). But I didn't this year because of my physical condition :(
  • PRs: 50 PRs in 13 repos
    • year-on-year rate: 36% (138 PRs in 26 repos)

Code reviews

  • reviewed 45 PRs in 11 repos
    • year-on-year rate: 48% (93 PRs in 18 repos)
    • In last year, I reviewed a lot of PRs related to Actix, but didn't this year (thanks to @robjtede and @fakeshadow <3).

(You can find my full contributions in January here)

Highlighted works

Others / brief review

  • I spent some time for some interviews therefore I couldn't find much time for FLOSS :(
  • I was taking a break as getting sick.
  • So, the contribution count decreased, as expected.
    • It should be back in a few months, hopefully.

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