Contribution report for Mar. 2021

Yuki Okushi

Yuki Okushi / April 02, 2021

2 min read

Commits / PRs

  • commits: 297 commits in 25 repos
    • month-on-month rate: 294% (101 commits in 19 repos)
  • PRs: 98 PRs in 21 repos
    • month-on-month rate: 376% (26 PRs in 6 repos)

Code reviews

  • Reviewed 116 PRs in 19 repos
    • month-on-month rate: 214% (54 PRs in 12 repos)

(You can find my full contributions in March here)

Highlighted works

Others / brief review

  • March was an active month.
    • Comparing February, I made a lot of contributions in March since I got my passion and time back.
  • I became a library-reviewer on rust-lang/rust.
    • I'll help libc-related and some minor things. But I want to provide more help once I'm familiar with some area, of course.
  • Also, I became a GNOME foundation member.
    • ...because I've helped Japanese translations since last Summer. i18n/l10n is my life.

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