Contribution report for May 2022

Yuki Okushi

Yuki Okushi / June 18, 2022

2 min read

Contribution summary

  • Opened 113 PRs and reviewed 116 PRs.
    • Opened 48 PRs on rust-lang/rust.
      • Stabilized some features, added a bunch of regression tests, cleaned up code, and so on!

Others / brief review

About my job

My contract with Huawei has ended. That was wonderful time, I could contribute FLOSS without financial concern. I now work for a Japanese company and am writing Go code.

If you has a job offer that I can communicate with Japanese, feel free to email me :)

FLOSS work


  • become a LLVM committer, contributed to some test and doc fixes
  • become a Kubernetes organization member, cotributed to test-infra, krew, docs, and some more things
  • become an Invited Expert of W3C i18n WG, will contribute to i18n-related stuff

In this year, I want to try to start new things other than Rust. Rust is my comfort zone and I'd like to go to outside of it.

Thanks to all my sponsors!

Sponsoring helps my life and FLOSS work much, thanks!

My sponsors are listed on the index page.

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